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[Xelor]Teleportation unavailable

By AwakeW#9704 - SUBSCRIBER - January 21, 2015, 02:38:03
I'll try to make it quick, with being the more precise possible. While doing my Crimson quest, I had to face multiple times some NPC Rogues, since they are the main antagonists of this quest-line. However, I realized that these Rogues aren't affected by the new working system of the Xelor's gameplay. Let me show you it in a picture:

Normally, I should've changed places with the female Rogue, however, the teleportation system doesn't work in any of the Crimson fights against Rogues. It doesn't make the battle impossible, however, it destroy completely the new gameplay of the Xelor, plus, it makes impossible to make grow the Homing Hand. I finished already the Crimson quest, so it won't affect me anymore, but still, I'd appreciate if this problem was fixed. If I encounter another problem of the same kind, I'll add it here, to post the less thread possible on the same subject.

Kind regards,
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Did you check to see if they didn't deliberately put themselves into some kind of state to make themselves unaffected by this? I notice you screenshot doesn't take note of their effects.

If not, bug report.

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