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Enuardo Quest: A Heart Of Gold-bugg

By Nontastic - SUBSCRIBER - February 24, 2015, 15:04:48

Hey guys,

So I'm having some problems with the Heart Of Gold quest in the Enuardo questline, it's a lvl [150] quest.
At the step, - Take care of the waste in the Auriferous Quarry. - you are supposed to find some clickable waste in the surrounding map.
I found 3 out of 3 but can only click 2 of them, they are at [0,-4] (Disgusting Bucket), [0,-5] (Disgusting Stain), and the last one should be at [1,-3]
(Disgusting Substance). But I can't click it, is anyone else having problems? Or is there a trick to it?

Thanks anyways smile 

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Did you try relogging, clearing your cache and then running the Uplauncher again to make your client didn't have a corrupted file that was preventing the interactive object from working properly?

Past that, have you checked the entire map to make sure you just didn't miss the item?

If it still isn't working after that, you can send a bug report here.

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