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Can I revert a Class Change?

By HCMongoose - SUBSCRIBER - April 29, 2015, 06:27:55

Sometime in the past year my account was compromised, I knew it for a while but didn't really care since I didn't plan to play Dofus anyway. This week I felt like playing and talked to support and got my account recovered. Turns out that whoever had my account took all my items but also did some odd things, they kept most of my valuables in my bank and they deleted one of my characters (meaning they had my secret answer too I think) and created an Enu which they leveled up to 110ish. It still had some gear and a mount etc. when I got it back. The worst thing I noticed was that my character Ecacheca was no loner an Eca but an Osa sad. Is there any way to revert that? I really hate Osas lol.

Also if there's a way to get my old characters back without buying Ogrines that would be nice but I'll take whatever I can get in terms of advice right now, thanks.

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You cannot undo a class change once it is done that I know of, doesn't matter if it was an hour ago or a year ago.

You can try talking to Support about it if you want, but I do believe that you will have to either remake the class or purchase another class change potion if you don't like being an Osa.

Again, recovering deleted characters is only done via Ogrines. Support may be able to do it as well, but I would not hold my breath on that.

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Thanks, I decided to just start from level 1. I haven't played for a pretty long time and like the low level experience so it's not too bad smile

EDIT: Oops, posted this on the wrong account

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