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New update, encountered problems

By YouthInAsia - SUBSCRIBER - June 23, 2015, 20:06:20

First of I want to say that I love the new update smile
And as most of us know, there's always a high possibility that some things might end up working improperly once new things are implemented. Here's what I've encountered so far:

  1. The very first Kolossium match I had after logging in seemed to be bugged, my screen froze at the map loading screen and after re-logging, the game wouldn't load. The problem seemed to be fixed however when I restarted the game.
  2. Red Wyrmling seems to be broken, it tends to simply skip it's turn after it has been summoned and only occasionally does something.
  3. Starting locations from already completed treasure hunts don't disappear. You'll end up with a ton of markers on your map, so you're forced to remove them yourself.
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Send a bug report.

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