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I can't Transfer character to a new account

By marcoedaniele - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 16, 2016, 14:43:40

Hi all, i have just transfered a level 200 character to a new acocunt without i'd want to transfer from the same account an other lv 200 character to a new one but when i fill all the field required (Login, password, pseudo, captcha) for the new account, it redirects me to the same page emptying those fields and creating could i solve that problem? Thanks

Edit: solved by transfering in an existing account...

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How new was the account?

You made it on the spot or was it a few days old?

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i made that new account by click on "transfer in a new account" but than i hadn't enough ogrines. So i bought ogrines and i turned back to the transfer account's page, selecting, this time, "transfer on an existing account" choosing the account i created before. It worked.

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