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Haven Bag Lottery - not working/ not showing gift

By bohemia - SUBSCRIBER - April 20, 2016, 00:44:50

Hi there huh
I wanted to see if I get maybe a pink unicorn at the lottery before I go to sleep wub
Yet again it is not working well, aka, it is not showing the gift sad
If I try to use it again, I get the standard msg that I used it already sleep

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There is no pink unicorn at the lottery tho :p
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Yes. Same for me. All accounts happen to not getting anything. Not even an error message.

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If I remember well, when the lottery interface in haven bag had failed to work properly in other occasions, then the due gifts came by themselves, sooner or later.

On this occasion:
- trying the lottery machine once per log session gave no gift and no msg;
- trying the lottery machine again in same log session gave a msg that the player has plaid the lottery already, but still no gift.

I just tried it again, and I got the regular fireworkshuh
It seems that it doesn't take into account if you have tried or not today, you gotta use the lottery thinggie again, if you're keen to get today's gift :wacko: 
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