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Lost Character Rushu Surver

By Hite June 01, 2016, 14:35:19

Hi there,

So it has been MANY MANY years since I last played this game I wanted to have a wee look at what was new but having logged on today I find that one of my accounts has no character! Do they get deleted if you don't use them? I founs this to show he existed. Any help as to how I could get this guys back?

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Are you on the right account? I don't believe they get deleted since I found a forum post from an old account of mine(Waiting on Ankama support to give me the account back) and it still shows all of my characters if I press the down arrow on the forum profile. If you're 100% it's the right account, does it show the characters if you click the down arrow as well?(I see none for you) Maybe you deleted it before you quit? Keep in mind it's been 6 years since I've logged in that account and it still shows them.

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2 Months ago my Enu magically disappeared of my account as well, took them over 2 months and they will blame you for it. But they can restore your characters (I was rather active on my account though so not sure how an account with years of inactivity will do)

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