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Bonta quest #31 - scouting in the cemetery

By Klusio - SUBSCRIBER - September 06, 2016, 02:33:48

So, I'm at this quest right now - I'm supposed to fight 5 powerful chaffers and all I can do is use this special bow (the mobs are 20 cells away and you can't walk to them) but it just doesn't seem possible. They have a ton of health and all I can do is hit them for like 150 with the bow, while they deal ton of dmg (about 1k in total) to me per turn. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to go about this quest at all? Am I supposed to change my spec to agi and get geared to do a single little quest? Actually, I am not sure I would be able to do it even then...
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Did you try hit-and-run tactics? I don't remember what exactly I did there for it was too long ago, and I think I didn't do it on the first try, but it is doable. You are to find the point where they can't hit you while you can, I believe.

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You can't solo this fight, you have to bring other Bonta fellas with you, better if they have the same bow as you. If not, at least let them be the classes which can protect you every turn so that you can survive enough to kill, or classes which can buff your damage. And changing stats or sets to the element of the bow might boost your damage too.

This is a new quest step which appeared only after the alignment quests revamp, surely this fight is annoying and not easy.

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