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Annoying bug for new players - Incarnam

By ThaSilentG - SUBSCRIBER - November 07, 2016, 12:55:48

Ok so,
When you make a new character it goes all fine.
You finish the first tutorial fighting the scarecrow and the miliboowolf.
After this you are told to go up one stairs to visit the bird to make yourself the first Idol.
After this you're told to go to the next stairs.
Here is where the bug comes

Click here

The map freezes and you're forced to relog.
Now ankama is releasing dofus tonight in the US on steam.
For the new players; this could be annoying.
I just thought I'd point this out because I thought it was my pc at first, but then my gf on her pc got the same issue.
So I did it again on my desktop this time, and it happened again.

Hope it's useful!

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