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Reoccurring lag/disconnections, video in thread.

By ownage-pwnagetwo - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 05, 2017, 00:59:29
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We will of course take advantage of the 2.42 Update to address some of these issues, should some of them still be there that day.

In the meantime, we're stepping things up. No more report to Support, we are now asking you to directly send us bug reports relating to your lag and disconnection issues.

As for an official statement, you can find it here (or, really, in all the subforums), along with some information about compensation.
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"Little off topic" I read your post about the compensation and I have one question and since I can't ask it on the original post, i am gonna ask here. What do you mean with "open house"?
The game will be entirely accessible to non-subscribers, as if they were subscribers.
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So, correct me if Im wrong, but to compensate a month of highly decreased gameplay quality, u will give out one day of subscription

and make they game accessible for every1 - which will result in even more pressure on servers, which are already not keeping up?

You compensate this issue with promotion day for non-subscribers?

That is a joke. Quitting until I will be able to play like before. I want my team of 4, not barely being able to stay online with main account.

Hugely disappointed. Even candies r more than this.
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Certainly because non-subscribers have been the most impacted players of all over this month. Makes total sense, right?

Now seriously, what is the actual compensation for subscribed players that have endured less than suboptimal gaming experience (and Im being generous here) for a month, literally wasting their money and time?

Have you guys actually given any thought, at all, to this issue? Ankama has extended one day of subscription in the past to all players for issues in game or servers that are nothing compared to what the community have been experiencing over the last month.

Nail in the coffin
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I don't understand, is the motive of giving compensation BEFORE the problem is fixed is so we can't thoroughly enjoy it? We've been encountering this problem nearing a month now and we get only an extended day of sub time which is minuscule compared to the time lost facing this issue. Call me inconsiderate, selfish, but it'll be the same with or without the compensation.
AsmodeusCZ|2017-05-31 12:02:39
So, correct me if Im wrong, but to compensate a month of highly decreased gameplay quality, u will give out one day of subscription

If you'll allow me some levity; you are wrong: we're giving two whole days of subscription if you are currently subscribed.

AsmodeusCZ|2017-05-31 12:02:39
and make they game accessible for every1 - which will result in even more pressure on servers, which are already not keeping up?

You don't know that. Unfortunately, I'm being serious: we don't know what is causing the lag and disconnection issues, and we don't think it's due to pressure on servers, or rather to the sheer number of people connected at the same time. I doubt it helps, but these issues have been occurring on a lot of servers, with a lot of different populations, and not just merged servers either. So the root cause of the issue is not that, it's something else, which we are trying to figure out.

I fully and completely understand that you may be unhappy with the compensation that has been given so far. Your criticism on that front is welcome, as long as you don't break forum rules (in short, please watch your language and capslock key), and it will be included in a report on the whole event, hopefully so that we can do better in the future. For the moment, my hands are tied.

But in the meantime, we are doing everything in our power to fix these problems, but we need your help. We have improved the bug report tool that is part of the DOFUS client to gather as much relevant data as possible about these lags and disconnection issues, and we have opened an email address so you can send your reports directly to the developers. And all of that is useless in fixing these issues if you do not do your part and help us understand why this happens.

Please send us your reports. 
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Two...Alright, I acknowledge my mistake *kappa.jpg*

Sending reports.

Also encountered a strange bug with Adobe Air - one of my clients was displaying chatbox of another client.

Had logged 2, as u can see, Im not in a party, yet party chat gets displayed, other acc is in that party. Prior to this situation, I got dcd on this account thus kicked from the party.

When clicking on a chat menu button, this message appeared. Was reappearing upon closing if clicked again, until restart of the "corrupted" client. I think the multiaccount optimisation with Adobe Air itself might be an issue, tho im not a dev and lack technical skills.


This is an entirely different issue, and it needs its own thread to be addressed properly. Could you please open that thread?
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Nerodos|2017-06-01 16:16:49
This is an entirely different issue, and it needs its own thread to be addressed properly. Could you please open that thread?

I had no idea, made a different thread.
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Hello, this lag came back today after maintance
I had zero disconnects and lags this weekend + monday,tuesday.
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Same, was really glad the lag went away for the following days but it's occurring again after today's maintenance

absolutely gutted sad

edit: not sure why but it's a lot worse than before. The game doesn't even update for the window that is in action.
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For me, game became much smoother but I still have problems with logging in/switching characters. When I try to log in all my 8 accounts at once it always turns out that one or more of them are stuck at login screen. I need to login them separately: login first one, wait 30 seconds, login second one, wait etc. The same with switching characters which are already logged in. That's quite time taking especially if you're doing Almanax quests on a lot of characters.
We are still working on this issue, but we need more bug reports, sent to the address and following the protocol described in this thread.
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For me the lag is continuously getting worse since early may. I have noticed that it is triggered whenever the tab isn't selected by windows or is minimized while playing on a solo client. If given enough time when the client is in the lagged state it will give a notification saying you have been disconnected from the server.

EDIT: I also ran a cpu test while playing dofus and noticed random spikes in cpu usage and when there is a spike, it seems like the game freeezes. generally it is pretty low at all other times though.
Did you include this information in your bug report?
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Limit on creature mode: 20
Aura Display Options: none
Allow monster and NPC animations outside of combat: True
Multi-Account optimization: True

Possibly Relevant system information:
SystemInfo: OsName = Windows
SystemInfo: OsVersion = 6.1
SystemInfo: OsExtra = N/A
SystemInfo: OsArch = x86

(c) ANKAMA GAMES (Jun 21, 2017 - 12:43:02 CEST)
Flash player WIN 11,8,800,94

i cant login to Echo server.
Have you sent a bug report using the method detailed in this thread?

On a bittersweet note, I would like to tell you that we are still researching what causes this issue. Today, at 3PM (Paris Time, about 40 minutes before this post), the servers Atcham, Crocabulia, and Rubilax underwent a special maintenance as part of our investigation into these issues.

We are committed to fixing them as soon as possible, but it is far from easy.


Following the special maintenance from earlier this afternoon, a new protocol has been put in place to help us pinpoint the issue. Please consider it, as we won't be able to fix this issue without your help.

The link above has been edited to go directly to the new process.
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It's been 2 months, problem still occurs.

good bye
As stated in the official server performance feedback thread, these issues should at the very least be less frequent.
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