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DC to kolo!

By Shotakitty1#3865 - SUBSCRIBER - May 13, 2017, 02:09:39


Anyone else been having problems signing into Kolo?

Everytime i sign up for a Kolo match, be it 3vs3 or 1vs1, the game goes completely dead. Everything else seems to be working, but the game DC's at the kolo registeration phase.

Any ideas?

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Same.. sad But ankama has been very quiet about addressing the issue.

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Good day
I have the same problem.

Registration stops at a stage 3/4 and more nothing occurs,
though others see my character in fight.

If I try to look at other fights - that I see only the empty room,
there are even no merchant and other characters.
It is only possible to leave having switched off a game.


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Really weird that ankama is qiuet about this... Maybe they Cant fix this? -.-. i have one of the best internet provider & connection but focus is the only game that make me DC... Hope they fix it fast ;/

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Quoted from Sili (Ankama Dev):'We may have a solution and we may try it on the beta server in a few days, maybe.'

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