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After the maintence i got a server tag

By CheckThisOrLife - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 19, 2017, 14:53:15
First i had my name Squidy but i lost it, the only other player with the name squidy is some person who is lv 58 who doesnt play anymore i think?

Since i have got this name for so a few years now sad

I really want my name squidy back >.< Would be a damm shame if someone who doesnt even play anymore gets my name after maintence.
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Yeah.. I got the same on my Iop...
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I've got the same problem. sleep 
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Hi guys, there has been a lack of communication from Ankama regarding this, however it has been known for a few days on the FR website.
Cette fusion a fait apparaître un problème sur notre gestion des priorités qui servent à déterminer quel personnage va garder son nom (lorsqu'il y a un conflit de nom).Ce problème est présent sur Écho depuis sa création mais n'a été révélé qu'avec la création du serveur Crocabulia.Nous travaillons sur un correctif et nous prévoyons une maintenance spécifique pour ces deux serveurs afin de d'appliquer correctement les règles de priorité des noms de personnage de façon rétroactive.
Roughly translates as, during our server merge, incorrect characters were given priority over names that they should not have had. The maintenance today looked at fixing that retrospectively, by giving the original names to the proper holders with the oldest claim. I'm afraid if you have been given a server tag, it's because you were not the first person to use that name, and it has now been given to another person.
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Even if that person stopped playing ?? I think if that person is below lv 100 and hasnt touched this game for a few years like 3 or so they shouldnt get a higher priority to someone whoes lv 199/200 ish who plays every day sad
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I'm afraid so yes. Even if they are no longer playing then they still had priority. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
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But there's something wrong going on, after the server fusion I lost the nick of 2 characters, today I noticed 4 more characters lost their nick.
One of these characters were created on Rushu when those other servers didn't even exist, character is currently p2p, p2p during the fusion, lvl200.
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I also lost my name after the maintenance, I've checked if anyone else has the same name and there aren't any..
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