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Brakmar 184 Arachnid Fight

By BobaFett2 - SUBSCRIBER - September 13, 2017, 18:32:00

I need help with the arachnid fight. You are an Arachnee and fight a bunch of baby Arak-Hai. I can't seem to think of any strategy that would either let me wittle them down (not enough room to run back and get the faster ones to me) or to run away. What did other people do?

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Well you might have to get a little lucky with monster start spots but the way I did it was run via the right side of the map. there is a bottleneck there if I remember correctly so you can lock just one arachnee there while the rest walks around the structure which enables you to kill them all one at a time. The sucky thing is that the fight after this one is even more luck dependend. you will want to run a little bit to the right at first and then break through the left as fast as possible.

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