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All 4 of my accounts were banned on the spot.

By stevie2Duex - SUBSCRIBER - October 08, 2017, 21:07:12

I'm on deployment in the military and i'm overseas atm, I was trying to log onto 3 of my accounts at once so i could run the skeunk dungeon with my guildies, i was having a problem logging in 1 of my characters because the internet out here is garbage. I then got d/ced from all my accounts and now all 4 of my accounts are banned in response to me trying to log in threw this bad internet. I'm really angry and i'm just trying to stay calm and figure out a way to resolve this problem. It said i was a bot, but i'm not and i was just trying to log in threw this difficult internet. I went to the forums because i know how slow ankama's response time is, Really hope someone can help me...

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From what I can see, your accounts are fine, it is the IP you are trying to use that has been banned (because it was used to run bots in high numbers). There is nothing to be done about that other than finding another internet connection.

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