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Update 2.45: Bugs on some of the Osamodas Spells

By DatsuLee - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - December 05, 2017, 17:20:22

Some of the Osamodas spells are not working as they are supposed to. For example the spell "Replacement" is acting up as the spell "Animal Union". Also, if I have my max summons out the spell stays grayed out. Technically I'm killing a summon and and replacing it with another one. I'm not summoning an additional one / extra summon.

Additional Bugs: Damage preview on summon is incorrect. For example: When using the Wyrm Transfomation my Wyrms do more damage than what appears on the preview. Please fix.

Additional Bugs: The spell "Relay" is doing what is supposed to but the visual preview is showing up incorrect. Instead of showing the two summons switching places, it shows the summons trading places with the Osamodas. Please fix.

Additional Bugs: The spell "Protective Balm" it is not working properly. First thing I noticed was the shield preview. The preview shows a higher number of shield points. When I use the spell on a summon it gives shields equal to their highest Vitality. For example: Podgy Tofu have 900 Vit. Shield Preview says it gives 998 shield points. The spell grants 900 shield points to the Podgy Tofu. Another example: Black Tofu have 450 Vitality. Shield Preview says ut gives 998 shield points. The spell grants 450 shield points. Same thing happens to all the other summons. Please fix.

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Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, I was investigating matters.

Could you provide screenshots of the bugs, please?

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