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Dofus lagging

By Mcf-Siipols - SUBSCRIBER - December 15, 2017, 08:08:45

Hey, guys and girls, ofcourse!
I’m having an issue with Dofus lagging.
First of all, I can't And won't say that I know much about PC.
So, in my opinion my PC isnt the worst(not the best either) , but I can't run 8 acc without hard laggs, even on the lowest settings...
It’s portable pc and here’s the specs :
Acer Aspire  VN7-571G
I7-5500U CPU @2.40GHz 8GB of RAM
GeForce GTX 950M 4GB

My guess is that it’s due to Dofus not running on my main graphic card, but on integrated one. But still, I dont know for sure and i cant seem a way to run Dofus on it.
But hey, maybe my PC just cant handle it.
Any opinions?

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I am on a current generation 5K iMac And I've got lag with just 2 windowed clients, or 1 full screen client.
It doesn't have anything to do with PC specifications, unfortunately the way the framework  (ActionScript/Flash or whatever) handles the system resources is not direct and is not very efficient, that causes most of the lag.
Obviously there could be a lot of causes (network, slow disk for caches, low RAM, etc..) but the only thing you can do to speed up things is reduce the image quality in the game settings and introduce creature mode for, say, a limit of 10 characters on screen. That helped me a lot, hope it helps you as well.

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Well, that’s a shame. My second guess is maybe I should get an ssd that might boost loading a bit, but still, the exeprience for me is kinda bad.. :/
And yeah, been running around in creature mode with potatoe graphics biggrin

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