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d/c problems during certain times of the day wish plz assist me

By gfhfgh December 06, 2006, 23:18:07
Wishdragon plz help!

from around 5pm gmt and 11pm i am d/c without no reason plz wish tell me do i have to write a ticket if so plz leave the address for me

a bit of back ground, from around 12-13 days ago i have had problems playing dofus due 2 being diconnected for no reason, i log on and the screen lags and bang im d/c i have tried to do everything to resolve the problem for example deleting dofus and downloading it again, clearing the cache files constantly playing in constant low quality, but low and behold i am d/c every time, sometimes i can log on and stay for 5 mins but then im d/c again and some times i cannot log on at all

im disperate now plz come back to me

i will look forward to ur replay wish thz
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The link to send a ticket is at the top of every single page, the one marked DOFUS Technical Support.

If you've checked around the forums, you would have noticed that you're not the only person having lag connection problems (and F2Ps have once again been restricted while Ankama and their hosting company hunt down the cause), so it's not on your end, and not something that can be fixed with a little bit of advice.

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