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Mac Problem, need help!

July 18, 2007, 22:26:11

Hi, I just downloaded dofus and was ready to start playing. I did the whole security settings bit, changed it so it would allow dofus to communicate with the 'net. Then at the upper right corner of the screen, it showed a loading bar, and it loaded to 100%. The bar vanished. I was left with a window with a dofus illustration in it, no game, nothing but a static image. I was using safari. Next I tried firefox. The same thing happened, and down at the bottom it said firefox was transferring something. Well, that didn't start either. I even right clicked the loader and used the standalone flash player 8, and still it would'nt work. (I can't find where flash player 9 is on my hard drive to standalone play it). Could Anyone help?
I'm using a mac g5 powerpc processor, with well over the system req. that they state.

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