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The answer to most of the post's below problems.

By -Rikashey May 06, 2008, 21:14:05
  • Server full problem

~The Dofus population rises every day, and so forth why it says "Server full". This is possibly why it's full so stop spamming it please? Stick to one post instead of making another! I'm not sure if Ankama are going through a difficult time with alot on there hands (Heroic server, Test server, Wafku, Dofus arena, Dofus ect..) but just lay off, the MOD's have answered this question before

  • Maintainence problem

~I think this one speaks for itself, unless it's one of the problems I stated above, so lay off the forums if your going to ask one of these questions, because MOD's HAVE answered this question before, or will in the near future

Give them a break guys >_>

  • Alpha

Also, i'm having forum issues, every time I go to edit, reply, or make a new post (or topic), it sends me back to the main part of the forums. Any ideas why this is? I'm using Mozilla Firefox if that helps answer my question tongue write back on this please
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