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Weight Problem. 935 pods even when naked!

By waiyee June 11, 2008, 16:37:07

I wonder if anyone else has this problem.

I've just signed up for dofus today, and I got this bunch of new stuff.

One of them is this pet croum, and pet food, which makes up of some weird things like aluminite magnesite..etc.
When I logged in, I noticed I can't move. The error says "You're overloaded. Try getting rid of some stuff"
Then , with the advice of another user, I managed to offload my pet food onto him, and I walked to the bank.

I offloaded all my armour and stuff to the bank account , and the number of pods on me still reads 935 !
Someone pls help. the guy is still hanging on to my pet food for me and it's crazy to have a weight of 935.

PS : I tried to make get a ticket for this problem, and apparently the "submit a ticket " function doesnt work. It just keeps asking me to log in over and over and over again.

Yep. And it's my first day as a Dofus subscriber. smile

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Check your Merchant Mode shop. That stuff still counts towards your weight.

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