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Acc Ban

By Botelho-Br June 11, 2008, 19:31:37

I m fron Brasil and pay mi p2p for paybycash, bank transferency, now, i cant acess mi acc, because its BAN
What hapening ??? how i make fraud with money and inside de bank ????
I send 8 tickets whit a copy of payment and not receive a answer
I wait a answer quikly

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I'm from Brazil and I pay for p2p by Paybycash, bank transferency, now I can't access my account because it's banned. What is happening? How could I be fraudulent with money and while inside the bank?
I've sent 8 tickets with a copy of payment and I have not recieved an answer.
I'm waiting for a quick answer.

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Part of your problem is that you sent eight tickets about the same issue. That tends to get at least seven of them deleted without looking at them.

Another part of your problem might be the language. If possible, it's better to speak your native tongue (Ankama has employees who understand all the languages that the game is in - English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portugese) rather than trying to Babelfish it into a language you're not fluent in.

Finally, Support is usually swamped with tickets (which is why you sending eight of them doesn't help the process along any), and you generally have to wait at least three-to-five business days (i.e., Monday to Friday only, no Saturdays or Sundays) for an answer.

I hope your issue gets resolved quickly and you can join the rest of us on the game.

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