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Characters randomly kicked from the guild

By Melein#9791 June 16, 2008, 22:38:43

At first a friend who came back after a long break from the game found out he was out and thought we kicked him.
Then today i logged one of my own character, there was NO one online and even for that, only one other person
has the ban right. I alt tab for a minute to check internet and when i am back i see that i lost the conection to the server.
I relog and try to open the guild tab 'you need to belong to a guild' blablabla.

Is there an explanation for that?

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Well if you lost connection to the server after one minute of being afk, then someone either has your account details and logged you, or you were just unlucky and was disconnected.
In the latter case, I do not know the answer. The former explains everything.

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I am guild leader, no one as access to my account tongue
Plus knowing my friend i know no one has access to his either.

We got our chars back in, but if it happens to a new member i dont think he will believe
he wasnt kicked in purpose...

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