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Out of Order :l

By -Rikashey June 26, 2008, 17:45:48

Okay, I was p2p a month ago, and got my alts baker to 71. But now im f2p again its dropped back down to 30. Is that some kind of joke? I worked my ass off to get that baking level and now your telling me there is no way to get it back unless I get P2P and restart it all again! And considering I can't cos the Audio Code payment isn't working for me is bullshit.

That really is out of order and i am very angry at this, I spent my time earning that level and now your pretty much telling me to pay or gtfo. Well just to make this clear I will never pay for this game ever again due to this bs.

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There's no need to get antagonistic and demanding before you even know how it works.

F2P professions can't go any higher than 30. However, if you resubscribe, your previous profession levels will be automatically restored back to what they were the last time you subscribed.

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