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By #Uthelar September 02, 2008, 06:45:36
Hi, today on sept 1 i was trying to log in but kept getting the message that i had an invalid account for XXXXXXXXXXdays XXXXXXXXXXHours XXXXXXXXXXMin, ect. Im new and wanted to try it but i cant get on, any tips or ideas how to help? I am on a mac, but I got it downloaded fine.
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Hey, this also happened to me a few times. I figured out how to resolve it for myself but I am running windows so I dont know if it s different.. Anyway.. i found I just turned off other computers or consoles accesing the internet, restarted router.. then sorta made sure my computer was first to connect.. worked fine since then...

I think it might be an IP problem.
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Send In a Ticket only support can help you not Mods.
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How do i send a Ticket to support?
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Also every time i open up the game, there is no News under the News section, so I am wondering if it is a connection problem maybe. Not sure though.
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UGH this is the most frustrating thing I have ever done, I have no idea how to send in a ticket or find any way possible of contacting a staff member to fix this for me, each time I try and log in i get that dumb Invalid Account for XXX days XXX months XXX hours stuff, I just want to know how to contact someone outside the game to help me, please post a easy way of doing this.
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found thread on guide to support, ill try it
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