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Dofus 2.0 on Fedora

By Elusial December 02, 2009, 16:28:58

Before I start, I'd like to apologise in advance for the tone of this post.

Right, so, Dofus 2.0's out and I want to see what my premium house is like on the new international server. So first I need the game right? Well, that should be easy enough, Ankama have been developing it for a few years now and there's been a beta out for a while which I've been running. So I toodle off down to and click the link to download dofus 2.0.

Well I don't run Windows so I clearly won't be choosing that option. What else do I have as an option? Ah, Mac, Linux or Zip? Excellent, seems like Ankama have all the bases covered. Let's go for the zip file eh? That seems like the best option, no need to mess around with totally superfluous installers that only add another place where things can go wrong.

Oh... damn... the zip option just seems to go to a blank page. That sucks. I guess I'll have to use the 'Linux' option instead.

Ah, here we go, there's no blank page this time, I get a proper shell script. I'll save and run that then...

Oh, damn:

check for Adobe AIR Application Installer ... ok
check for dpkg ... which: no dpkg in (/usr/bin:/bin)
not found

I would've thought something as basic as an installer would be tested. But no, apparently not. I'm not sure if the problem's that it can't find dpkg on my system (which isn't surprising as Fedora is an RPM based distro) or if it's just general shell scripting fail.

On thing's for sure, it's definitely some epic fail. Not only do they fail to actually properly release Dofus 2.0 on the release date they specified, they also fail to make sure their installers are working. GG Ankama.
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Same Problem here with Fedora 12 -.-
I hope they are going to release the ZIP - Version soon.

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devs are working on zip file like izmar said i will be soon here i hope !

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'Working on a zip file' how hard to they have to work to make a simple zip file?

I installed the game using Windows 7 in a VirtualBox and am now uploading my own zip file to my server. It'll be done uploading in another hour or so, let's see if I can beat the devs!

Edit: Looks like I win.

Linux users can download my zip from here. Once you've unzipped it, cd into the new directory and type:


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Currently, the Linux installer doesn't work find on all distibs but Ubuntu.

We are working on some manual installation tutorial for non Ubuntu users

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