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[FIRST POST UPDATED] Dofus 2.0 Contact an In-Game Mod

By mechaniorr December 03, 2009, 19:25:10
Hello Dear Ankama. I'm player of dofus on new server in Dofus 2.0 called Zatoshwian. I have one problem, today i got kicked from serwer, after relog i have a "black screen" i can't do anything! When i login my other character on too same acc all works ok. So i can u teleport me somewhere or just fix this problem?

Name; Aramilx
Server; Zatoishwan

Edit by [Tsoariveth]: If you are stuck in Dofus 2.0 and need a moderator to free you, please post in this thread. Do not use the 1.29 Contact a Moderator thread. Thanks.

Edit by [MOD]Raiu: Note that the International Moderators can help you on Zatoishwan only, not Aermyne. Aermyne is not an International server, it is a server for the combined Portuguese communities. You must contact a moderator in one of those communities if you are having trouble on Aermyne.

While the black screen problems haven't yet been fixed, experimentation by players have found a few tricks without having to call in a moderator for help.

Before posting in this thread, try the following:

Changing computers.
Creating a new character on Zatoishwan, then trying to connect to your stuck character.
Changing the port you're using to connect (click the little "Options" button beneath "Play" on the login screen to change ports. Port 5555 is the default, Port 443 is the alternate choice)
Clear the cache through the client.
Turn off Quick Connection.
Manually deleting cached information (the procedure is, among other places, in this post)

If you cannot use chat, then a moderator cannot help you. You need to be fully connected to the game for a moderator to find you, and if you can't use chat, then you're not fully connected. (This would be my guess why creating a character seems to work - something "breaks" on the character select screen, not letting you connect properly to your character, and creating a new character changes the character select screen)

If and only if all those don't work, then leave your character name(s) and a specific time in the future you can be reached (e.g., saying "I'm connected now!" doesn't help, because moderators may not be around when you post).

Thank you.
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Server: Aermyne
name: Han-Solo
problem: battle froze so i relogged . when i got back on my map was black and none of my options are accessible. i can log on to other characters on the same account no problem. please help.
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Server Zatoishwan
Name: Nick
A battle froze so i logged back in to a black screen. The black screen is on my panda account Nicks-Panda. My Iop Nick is not on the same account but i can be reached on Nick. I am currently disallowed from doing anything other than staring at a black screen. I am on almost 24/7. Any help would be appreciated. I would guess all i would need is to be teleported to a zaap possible?
Score : 345
Name : Happyman
Server : Zatowishan
Time to be reached : Now for the next 10 hours

Walked into the top floor of a house at 3,0 and got a black screen.

edit: all fixed thanks izmar!
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Name: Ixoy
Sever: Zatoiswan
Time: Now and for the next 8 hours
Request: i got black screen at 0,3 inside the cottage in the top room if you could help me that would be great

PS its been two days now and i have seen three tickets so any help soon woud be nice ^ ^
Score : 148
Name: -
Server: Zatoishwan
Times to be reached:
- From 7 A.M. (EST) to 3 P.M. (EST) [Weekends]
Request: My character is stuck in a blackscreen and can't move.

Edit: After being 2 days trapped in the blackscreen, I decided to remake the character. Please ignore this contact request.
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Server: Aermyne
name: Han-Solo
available : now
in top room of house on map 3,3 . will the "black screen death" end ?
Score : 6
Server : Zatoïshwan
Name: Mizu
Times to be reached: Hmm lets see I believe ill be able to get online tomorrow 9est-12am est or 1-8 est. Somewhat in there.
Request: My character got black screened of death... I Would like to be teleported out of that restricted area.
Score : 4
Server : Zatoïshwan
Name: Akima
Times to be reached: 8-12AM EST / 6-12PM EST
Request: Black screen when I logged on, a teleport to a zaap would be really appreciated.
Score : 46
Serwer: Zatoishwan
Name: Xeslaro
Times 10am to 6pm EST
Request: Stuck in [16,3] when moving out iop temple (black screen)
Score : 146
Serwer: Zatoishwan
Name: Okoi, Palm-Tree(Name of non-stuck character)
Times 10am to 10pm -5GMT
Request: Stuck in [16,3] when moving out iop temple (black screen). Simply wish for a move, hoping for a quick response.
Score : 2
name: Phoenixia
server: Aermyne (Dofus 2.0)
time 18.00pm to 21.00pm every day(GMT+2)
Request: Stuck in [16,3] moving out iop temple (black screen).
Score : 3
name: Amrae
server: Aermyne (Dofus 2.0)
time 18.00pm to 21.00pm every day(GMT+2)
Request: Stuck in [16,3] when moving out iop temple (black screen). Simply wish for a move, hoping for a quick response.
Score : 7
Woooooo! Thank you Themis for rescuing the Enu/Iop duo from "Teh Dark Abyss!". It was a pleasure meeting you (and Wish as well). Sneaky Devs =p


Name: Fortune
Server: Zatoishwan
Times to be reached: On now 2pm-6pm EST. Will try to be on tomorrow during the same period.
Request: I got the black screen of death inside a house on 1/-3 and am now currently stuck, unable to get out. I hope it's possible to *poof* me back to civilization sad.gif

I have another character (ign:Smash) also stalled with a black screen inside a different house. I will be logged in on Fortune though.
Score : 617
Times to be reached: Anytime, re-connect system keeps me connected (because no turns are being passed) no matter what.

Request: To be moved from bugged perc fight at 20,-29 (we are not in fight itself, but in state where players are able to join). I've been here stuck with 2 of my guild mates for 3 hours and all of us are getting pretty frustrated.

Hoping for quick response.

Edit: I'm out of fight now biggrin Loads of thanks for whom got me out
Score : 89
Name: Crunch

Server: Zatoishwan

Times to be reached: All the time il let my acc connected (i do not get disconnected from the server when doing nothing)

Request: Black map on 3,-33 plz teleport me out
please note that you cant see me online (im offline in friends list when im logged in)

I finaly escaped the black death. The game loaded the map finaly biggrin. but now the animations are gone... clearing the cache now...and black screen AGAIN << relogged and it loaded just fine... whew.
Score : 39
Name: Metric-Prime (Eteri, if no answer)
Server: Zatoishwan(Dofus 2.0)
Times to be reached: All the time
Request: Stuck in fight, please teleport to zaap, (Map -47 14 ) description of bug:
Score : 36
Name: Fryzu
Server: Zatishwan (Dofus 2.0)
Times to be reached: from around 1-3pm to 11pm from monday to friday / weekends mostly from morning till noon
Request: Same as Metric-Prime , stuck in fight with her and few guild mates please for fast respond
Score : 3
Name: Leu
Server: Zatoishwan International 2.0
Times to be reached: 7AM EST-12 MIDNIGHT EST
Request: Black Screen of Death upon entering the Iop Temple.

There is a huge glitch in the system that is Zatoishwan and 2.0. Theres a black abyss in the Iop Temple to the map south of the Dopple room. Upon clicking on it to go south you're whisked away to Black Screen land which evidenced by typing in %pos% seems to be: [16,3]. Nothing I do seems to get me out of the prison that it is. I would humbly and kindly implore any Dofus moderator/admin to fix this and teleport us individuals effected by this glitch. Help me as well as others evidenced by this link:

Thank you.
Score : 124
Name: Dookie
Server: Zatoishwan International 2.0
Times to be reached:Next 3 hours
Request: Black screen of death on the map outside of scaraleaf dungeon.