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I have a problem

By abuzerrr March 02, 2010, 10:18:47

Hello, i have a problem with Ankama Support. I have sent tickets about my banned. They banned me for no reason... I am waiting for answer for 3-4 mounts... I've sent tickets several times, but couldn't get a single well-informing response. Why they dont answer me? I am very sad for my account. I cannot leave from dofus. With this topic, I just hope to catch your attention and let you realize how unfair you've been to me. "Ankama Support" Thanks Regards.

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Ankama Support doesn't NOT read these forums. Unfortunately, your plea has been in vain.

Preserving sanity,
-Mentor 68

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The forums are not above Support (so posting here won't cause them to kick into action), and, while I have seen Sato post on here, Ankama Support doesn't handle individual issues via the forums.

The problem is probably that you sent several tickets. Sending more than one ticket on the same issue will get the subsequent tickets deleted without a response. Go back, find your original ticket, and respond to that instead of sending in multiple tickets.