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Email from Ankama

By SGT-Fluffy-Beard September 09, 2010, 17:11:29
Hey i need some help over the past month ive received 3 emails from ankama saying this ;

Le support Ankama-Games vous informe qu'il y a plusieurs plaintes
concernant votre compte(s) disant qu'il(s) ne vous appartient pas.

Pour nous prouver le contraire, nous vous invitons à remplir le formulaire
figurant dans le site ci dessous.

Il est recommandé de remplir ce formulaire sous peine de sanction:

Sinon, le compte(s) sera définitivement bloqué.



The support ankama-games informs you that there are several complaints concerning your said account(s) that it
does not belong you.

To prove us the opposite, we invite yourself to fill the figuring form in the site here under.

It is recommended filling this form under penalty of penalty: Form

Otherwise, the account(s) definitively will be blocked. Cordially.
The problem is this is my account and i believe someone or some group is trying to steal it/hack it ive had this account for well over 2 years and is my ( 2nd account) and is at the moment F2P... Ive looked to find out where to submit a ticket but that proved useless and ive looked under pretty much every place in the support to seek help on this subject to find nothing ? the link in the email just sends me to the support page telling me to log in or create an account, so each time ive logged in, in the hope that it works but it just sends me to the general home page for the Ankama support page with no sign or signal of ANY forms to fill in at all. So im guessing its a false or Expired Link ?

But any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated as i dont want to lose my account =(
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It is an site trying to steal your account , ankama will never ask you for details about your account because they already have everything that they need to know.

There is another topic like this one on this forum.
In short, that is a scam email. Ankama support does NOT ask questions about this issue. If they have any doubt whatsoever that it is your account, they'll ban you automatically. In fact, I just replied in a topic about someone who got this EXACT same message. Let me guess... it was [] or something along that line?

Anyway, Ankama does NOT need to verify your account. I have never even heard of an instance where they ever did. I know something of a verification occurs when you first subscribe, but that's it.

-Mentor 68

If you have logged in on the site I suggest you change your password on the official dofus site as soon as possible.
(Ps: I'm very sure that if ankama would email you they wouldn't use the French language.)
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You are absolutely correct. This is an attempt to steal your account. Ankama does NOT ask questions about Account Security. If they suspect that the account doesn't belong to you they will ban it. Was the site it directing you to something like ""? Keep these things in mind:

-Ankama NEVER verifies your account. They do it once when you P2P but that's to make sure all of your information is correct
-Ankama doesn't ask questions about account security. They act first and solve the problem after you contact them
-Ankama will NEVER direct you to a site that ISN'T Ankama related. Therefore,,,, etc. Ankama owns their domains, so their sites will be like where it always ends in the game or

Be careful out there bud and do NOT follow that emails instructions!
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well thank you both for your help =), i have changed all my passwords, but you know you said about the actual web adress was

From: Support Ankama ([email protected]) with the title of the email called Support Ankama with the dofus website in the background and links to dofus looked very real to me =/ but atleast no damage was done as far as i can see at the moment. I tried to upload a picture through photobucket ( a edited print-screen ) but it kept saying that it was a video so gave up, so i could try and send it you another way if your really interested in the matter to help prevent other "scams" happening. But if not im happy to let this become a lesson learned lol but thanks again for all your help smile
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A good scam email will trick you into thinking it's legit. The site in the mail may not be the one, but if you click the link it will take you to something like that. Anyway, glad you didn't fall for the scam!

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hello, i see you are talking about hack so......
i got hacked once but how do i know it wont happen again?
and i have another account that i NEVER received the email of the new password!
please i need help, thank you

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