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Questions about Ecaflips / Str build w/ Bluff

By imchu April 15, 2006, 09:59:58

Hi all,

I know this topic has been addressed like a million times in the previous threads, I still want to ask some for some advice. As I read from the previous threads, a lot of people say that bluff will be a useless skill once you've reached the higher lvl, and that investing in (agi/chance) to be a "bluffer" is doomed to be a failure.

For this reason, I am going down the strength route. However, does anyone see a problem with maxing bluff just for the sake of fast leveling and fight aganist those pesky earth resist monster? Currently Level 21, with Level 5 Bluff, NO STAT points distrubing, and leveling with a mosk / achee set. I am able to Dish out approximately 50 - 110 damage a turn (2 bluff), and leveling quite well. Because this is a strength build, ultimately, I'll be pouring my poitns into str (till 100 + ), and vit only. I'll also be maxing those str spells (feli, HoT, claw spells) as well as "non-combat spells' ie / WoF, Feline Leap..etc in the near future. I've calculated that i'll be able to max all the necessary skills a regular str eca can max (even with bluff) , since I am not investing in AoN. (got nerfed pretty bad)

My question is, do any high level str eca out there see a problem with investing that 10 skill points into bluff? I mean, I'll still able to max out the other skills just fine, but at the same time, I can lvl faster early on, and fight earth resistant monsters. I do see an advantage where in the higher lvl PVM / PVP that earth / neutral resist problems can occur. Bluff can be there as a support (or surpise) spell during those odd situations. Are there any disadvantage to this?

Please feel free to comment on this topic. Thank you all.

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I have a friend thats a str eca and she uses bluff situationally adn it really works for her. I think its a good SUPPORT skill, so I would have a problem dumping 10 points into myself, but I always say, if your happy with it, do it. Back to bluff -- I think it has som real adavantages late if you have it boosted, namely hunting high resis montsters (Especialy earth kwaks >.< for when/if you make a kwak set for your char) and eventually could be used on toolls because troolish absoption doesn't absorb air/water attacks.

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