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Need help

By SilentDeth#1115 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 29, 2012, 04:54:39
Hello all,

So I've started anew recently, and decided to go with a sadi as my "main" he is mid game levels (100-150), and I'm trying to plan ahead here. Once I get my Sadi (who is strength by the way) rolling, I need suggestions on what to do from there. I am looking into making a team, In the past I had a sacrier-sram team which was a, rather laughable, first attempt. In hind-sight not the best idea, and it never became fully developed. Anyways, I have this sadi and I'm trying to figure out what to do. I will slowly incorporate more characters as I go along, that much I am sure of. I will probably cut myself off at three characters, although I wish I could have fifteen subbed accounts ^^. I was thinking that perhaps I could make my sadi str/wis and use him for mp reduction, then make a xelor who would be xx/wis and used for ap reduction. Not a bad idea if I do say so myself. But I really like eca's too. So my questions are;

+ What are some thoughts on a sadi/xel/eca team?

+ What builds would you reccomend for each? (I am open to change)

+ What are some alternatives/ better suggestions?

Thanks for any and all help smile

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The best thing about a Sadida, is you don't need the Wisdom really, to be a very valuable MP stealer, with the usage of dolls. So I would advise to stick with pure strength

Secondly, I'm not sure what the best team would be beside a sadida, but I have ran Sadida/Eni up in the 190s, with then later on an Intel Cra on the side after that, and it was very effective for me.

That is more of a personal preference, it matters mostly what you want to do with said Sadida, if you aren't running too hard of content, you probably won't need an Eni, as the Inflatable can heal decently. Fecas are always useful for their shields, and their pretty awesome damage too. I can't see Xelors AP removal really needed for most dungeons, unless it is going to be a very hard dungeon. As for an Eca, really the only benefit to your Sadi, would be the AP, and the MP, which you get the MP from the Inflatable, and if you wanted AP, just grab an Eni, or the Xelor, which I never really needed, 8-10ap do wonders for a Sadi, you don't really need the full 12, or above 10 for that matter IMO.

So for dungeons/pvm, I'd see you in need of a Chance or Fire based character for damage, seeing as you have Strength and Air pretty solid with your build, for resistances.

PvP is another story, it really depends on who you are fighting against, every class kinda has it's ups and downs, just don't get a sac and you're good
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@ Psycho,

I can see that we see eye to eye on the status of sacriers at the moment xD. I say, Screw PvP! I don't plan on doing it very often or seriously. I want a PvM powerhouse, and I think you offered some very nice viewpoints, so thank you smile I would like to have some creativity in picking a class, other than an eni. Although, I am not entirely opposed to eni's. Also note: for some reason I can't stand osa's.My idea is to be able to take on medium level dungs, (canidae, panda, ect.) Without others. That is farther down the road of course, but an idea none the less. I suppose it is rather hard to write down my play-style in a few short sentences, but I would say I want my sadi to do some decent damage from a range, but focusing on mp reduction and a side of summoning. That's about it, sorry if it is a little vague, but I might be able to elaborate later. Thanks again for the insight on Xelor's. I have never played one myself, but they sound interesting, You are not the first person to tell me that the ap reduction isn't very useful in a dungeon, which makes perfect sense.
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