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Just restarted who should I be? Low level pvp...

By bladesxhelper#3258 - SUBSCRIBER - June 01, 2013, 01:37:28
Okay so after yeaaars of not playing I'm back , this games changed a lot so I don't know who to be so help to a veteran would be extremely appreciated... I am looking to make a pvp character (25-70 level) to bring back fun times ... Also I have 2 million kamas what should I buy with this exact set ... Would be extremely appreciated if somebody took their time to guide me to becoming an awesome pvper.
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Well, here's the deal..alignment pvp is gonna be replaced with a Guild Alliance system sometime this month I believe, so you may be starting on restricted time.

Also, you won't find that many people participating in low level pvp anymore as many people in the 50~1xx range are just leeching within the continent of Frigost now leaving Astrub and certain areas of Amakna as either barren or mid-low to endgame battle grounds.

You'll want to take place in the kolossium instead if you want pvp and try to work around a 3 on 3 basis.

But the usual notch classes below (and sometimes after) 100 are Iop, Cra, Osa, Sacrier, Feca (i think), Eca [maybe], Sram, Sadida, and Masqueraider.
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As Hatedone said, 1v1 is dead.

3v3 PvP is available at +50 though, so that'll be your option for PvP. You're on Rushu as well so fights will be easy to get.
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