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Need help with creating my feca!!!

By #humunculas August 01, 2006, 22:28:49

Ok, first which characteristics should i put my points on for the most effective attack and defence attacks and spells?

Then which should most of my stat points go on to make a pritty strong fighter?

Bear in mind ive just started this and no stat points have been applie just yet.

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There's several possibilities for a feca build: Intelligence, strength and chance.

But I'm afraid a too detailed answer to your question would be called spoil, so why don't you have a look here for all the information you need to decide which build is best for you! :-)

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While strength is a possible build I wouldn`t recommend it ´cos int doesn`t only boost your main attacks but all your shields too. And no - chance isn`t a possible build: Your only chance-based spell is Bubble - and you can`t even cast that 2 times on the same target...

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