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[Guide] power vs damage

By sioniaskingofsoddomy#2389 - SUBSCRIBER - November 28, 2014, 18:11:35
Hello you guys!

I have seen a lot of questions on the alliance chat about the stats Power and Damage (both only obtainable by equipments and consumables)

The most often asked question I see is "which is better? +x damage or +y power?"
Let me quickly explain how both work, and maybe you will be able to understand better.
I'll use my own panda as an example.

See the picture below for his damage stats. (poor, poor panda. such bad stats)


Now, as you can see, my panda has 0 general damage, 80 Power, 0 Critical damage, 29 fixed Neutral damage, 39 fixed Earth damage, 103 fixed Fire damage, 12 fixed Water damage and no fixed Air damage. Above that all, he has the following primary characteristics:


Those who are good at math, have noticed my panda has the following stats:
103 fixed Fire damage and 821 intelligence.
29 fixed Neutral, 39 fixed Earth damage and 261 Strength.
12 fixed Water damage and 101 Chance.
0 fixed Air damage and 101 Agility.
80 Power.

This all contributes towards my total damage dealt to enemies.

Now, to understand Power and fixed Damage better, you will first need to understand how your damage is calculated.
Let's take the example of Leek Pie (Lvl. 1) vs Explosive Flask (Lvl. 6):

As you can see in the pictures above,
the base damage of Leek Pie is really, really low (2 to 4) while the base damage of Explosive Flask is rather high (34 to 38)

What does this mean? Base damage? Is this not the amount of damage I will eventually hit my enemy?
No! This is the amount of damage you will hit on an enemy with 0% resistance in the element of choice (Fire resistance in this case) while you have got 0 fixed Damage, both general damage as fixed damage in the element of choice (Fire in this case), 0 characteristic points in the element of choice (in this case: Intelligence) and 0 Power.
Cool! How will I know how much I will actually hit, then?
Your total damage output depends on 4 factors: your damage stats (fixed Damage, power, elemental characteristics) and your targets resistances (both fixed as percentage)

Let me explain.
For every 100 characteristic points in an element of choice, the base Damage for all spells which hit in said element will double.
This means, that for Leek Pie, if you were to have nothing but 100 Intelligence on your character, your Leek Pie would hit 4 to 8 on a character with 0% fire resistances and 0 fixed Fire resistance. (being 2 to 4 base damage, multiplied by 2)
If you were to have nothing else but 200 intelligence, your Leek Pie would hit 6 to 12 damage on a character with 0% fire resistances and 0 fixed Fire resistance. (being 2 to 4 base damage, multiplied by 3)
So long story short. Every elemental characteristic point (being Strength, Intelligence, Chance and Agility) increase your base damage by 1% (100 points being 100%, or doubling your base damage)

This is where Power kicks in.
If your character happens to have got 1 Power (or as it used to be called: 1 %Power), this means it actually has 1 of each elemental characteristic point.
So your character would have 1 Strength, intelligence, 1 Chance and 1 Agility. Pretty neat eh?

So... Power is always better then fixed damage?
Not quite, young Padawan. This is all depending on your base damage.
As you can see above, the spell Explosive Flask (Lvl. 6) hits roughly 15 times more then Leek Pie (Lvl. 1)
This means that in order to double your Explosive Flasks base damage, you would need to obtain 100 Intelligence points.
The same goes for Leek Pie.
Wait a second! If I would do my outer best to obtain 100 Intelligence points, my Explosive Flask would inflict 34 to 38 extra damage, while my Leek Pie would only inflict 2 to 4 extra damage? That's not fair!

Now... This is where Damage kicks in.
In order to have your Leek Pie or Explosive Flask deal 1 extra damage (bringing your Explosive Flask to 35~39 damage and Leek Pie to 3~5 Damage) you will need 1 fixed Damage (either +Damage or +Fire Damage)
From this, I conclude that if I want to double my damage on Leek Pie, I'd need (I'll be taking an avarage now) to obtain a bonus of +3 Damage, while the amount I would need to double my Explosive Flask's damage would be the way bigger number of 37 damage (again, taking the avarage).
Meaning it would be a lot easier to obtain 100 intelligence if you want to rely on Explosive Flask, because it will do the same job as 37 damage. However, if you want to rely on Leek Pie to conflict damage to your opponents, you might be better off going for +3 fixed damage to double your Leek Pie's damage.
I'm assuming this needs no further explanation? If so, please ask me, and I will try to write it down for you.

What have we just learned?.
If you're ever again in doubt whether to go for that neat Power trophy, or if that awesome Wrecker would suit you better, check out your spells base damage.
Sometimes it would be wiser to go for a + Damage trophy if you have a lot of low base damage spells (I'm thinking old feca now, or agility sacriers)
While if you are a heavy hitter (such as Iops) you might want to consider the Power buffs, because with the same amount of Power/Damage, your spells will not all have the same amount of increased damage.

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First Ankama intervention
Lots of good info in this thread, let's sticky it in the General Class Discussion section where it will help people work on their builds. =)
See message in context
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Or you can give your hurting brain a rest and use this simple damage calculator I suddenly devised:

Click here 
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Hey there,

Thanks for your response. However, this guide is not a way to calculate your damage, it's merely a topic to help the lost souls on the world of twelve understand the difference between +damage and +power better, and hopefully making their decisions on equipments - mainly trophies - more thoughtful.
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I believe there is a sticky about this.
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Lots of good info in this thread, let's sticky it in the General Class Discussion section where it will help people work on their builds. =)
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yay thx [Izmar] smile 
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Hello Dreaded-locks.
Thank you for the info you shared with us! Helped alot I'm new on these forums but I'm kinda starting to see what I've been missing out all these years I've been playing dofus.
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Hello Mysterious,

Thanks for your kind reply! smile
I know your feeling, I've been active on the forums on and off over several years now (since way back, when I still used my other account)
There's a whole a lot of information which can only be found on the forums, or at least be found on the forums before the forum-monsters bring it in-game. This is mainly the thing with new updates, guides and such. Most people who are active on the forums are also active on the wiki (for example, Revil-Nunor.)

Feel free to put up your own guides, tricks and tips and share your knowledge for the future generations to come! We can never have enough information on here.

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Nice guide this should help a lot of people understand the difference, you explain it pretty well. Good job smile 
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This was very useful and informative, thank you! smile 
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But 1 power is the same as 1 int,cha,str,agi? So its always better to get power vrs single elemental %? Example 50 power > 50 Int?
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power is useful if you decided to go omni
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The problem with choosing Power as your stat of choice is that you lose the benefits of Int/Str/Cha/Agi.
You would not gain the Heals from Int, the Pods from Str, the Prospecting from Cha or the Lock/Dodge from Agi.
You also don't gain initiative from Power.
Granted most of these aren't much of a bonus if you weigh it up against the ease of accessibility, but it is something to consider.
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Hello there. Guess I'll elaborate on my old guide.

1 Power equals 1 of each elemental stat, however. It only boosts the damage in said statistic. 
So while 1 power will grant you 1% extra damage in your element of choice, it does not grant:

- 5 pods (boosted by strenght)
- 1 heal (boosted by intelligence)
- 0.1 Prospecting (boosted by chance)
- x amount of lock/dodge/critical hit chance (don't know the calculation here - powered by agility)

So while power is an easy way to up all your stats at once, it is not the best way to boost your secondary stats. That's why most people tend to use both elementary stats as power/damage to boost their account.

Bless up
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Understood it all, 1 question tho. If I would have leek pie with 100 int and + 4 dmg. Would my dmg be:
2-4->+4 dmg->6-8->100 int->8-12(+2-4)
2-4->+4 dmg->6-8->100 int->12-16(spell dmg + dmg × 2)
My question really is: does the 100 int give the bonus of the regular spell dmg (2-4) or does it multiply the regular spell dmg and the + 4 dmg together)(so 6-8 × 2)
Main question is: does +dmg increase the spell's damage(meaning the +dmg can also be multiplied by int or power) or is it just a + dmg buff after the int, power etc are already added?
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I'm pretty sure the +dmg is added after the multiplication happens. So like this:

(Let's consider the case where Leek Pie rolls a base 3 damage.)(Also, 100 int will double the damage of a fire spell.)
[ 3 (base) x 2 (from int) ] + [ 4 (from your +dmg) ] = 10 (assuming no resistance)

I've leaned a lot on +dmg equipment, and it worked out pretty well in the middle levels. That's because there are decent +dmg equips available, and weapons and spells that do multiple damages per turn. Like Bush Fire, for example, that does fire damage and water damage, each benefiting separately from my +dmg. Leek Pie does for me about 105 at my level 139, which is not much. It's cheap, so I use it with leftover AP, but that 105 is not much. At my level 100, it was doing around 90-95 if I remember right (that was many years ago, because I was away from the game). That was pretty good.

So what I'm thinking is that, at higher levels, spells with small base damages are going to be small spells, period. The ones with secondary effects rely more and more on those secondaries for their usefulness.
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Be careful that a set based on +damage and multiple cheap attacks could be easily countered by a set with +res, damage reduction, christical hit res (I'm talking about PvP).

While in PvM you will have no problem at all.
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