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Specific classes needed for Endgame Dungeons?

By masik233#4795 - SUBSCRIBER - June 17, 2015, 16:34:06
Hi, I recently got back into the game and just got into Frigost 3, trying Missizz Freezz with my Rogue (never absolved an Endgame dun before). I use an Eni and a Panda as Twinks (all of them Lvl 199).

By now I had ~20 attempts and haven't yet solved the boss room. Obviously, due to the large diffilculty level, it's no wonder that I haven't yet made it.

What concerns me, however, is that I haven't even found a strategy that I'm convinced about. I've tried 3-4 different approaches, but each of them has problems and, more importantly, neither of them seems to have a great chance of succeeding.

It's probably because both the Eni and the Panda are supbar in the Dun. Especially the Panda, as all opponents are heavy, so his biggest map manipulation tool (lift, throw) is almost useless and what's left is the weak barrel. For reliable map manip., I don't have anything besides the cooldowned Boombot. Since the Panda is heavily geared towards tanking and resistance (which don't have much use there), his damage is weak (900 str+power only). The Eni is a problematic class to begin with since it doesn't provide anything but heals (and small damage), and these are beyond weak in the end room (trap heals, massive erosion).

I just wanted to hear some opinions whether or not I could ever succeed the dun with this (incredibly subpar) team. I see my chances being much better with an Iop or especially a Sram instead of Eni or Panda. And also, I'm generally interested whether specific class combinations are required for some Endgame duns. I don't mean Dous, but, let's say, teams of 3 or 4.
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That will be interesting. Can we also make comments on how other classes can perform in a dungeon and what you could try if you are one? I guess it is important too.

PS: I remember once in this forum we talked about how you never need a sram, and then 2 years later we had a discussion on how they work for everything XD
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Are you attempting missiz with 3 characters, or did you just not list a fourth? The dungeon will punish people who show up with less than four (part of why duos are considered difficult.

Certain class combinations have an easier time of certain dungeons, but I wouldn't say that those combinations are the only ones to be capable of endgame content.
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I personally like to run Missiz with enu panda/sram iop, and the 4th class doesn't matter.

As for your situation, I feel as if if you added an enu your chances of winning is much more possible. Rogue does enough damage to kill everything and you could use the other 3 to support him.

If setting up rogue bombs is the problem, I've seen strategies on YouTube where 3 charas starts at the bottom side of the map, and panda starts at the top side. This lures all the mobs to try and attack panda which this should give you enough time to set up bombs and panda can gain mp from himself/ enu and use barrel to get back to the rest of the team.
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I use scattering / luring by standard and indeed start with the Panda on the map top. Either way, setting up bombs or surviving of them is not the problem. The biggest problem is the positioning. Not to mention the end room condition makes it harder to begin with, the Panda can barely help for positioning anymore, and with my otherwise poor damage, the only good option is blitzing, but their HP is way too high. I'd need 3 Bombs tight together, an enemy standing vertically to the line AND being vulnerable. Then using Bombot to push and detonate. Even for that, at least 5 set-up turns are needed and maybe double weakness.

That's why I imagine a Sram being most helpful.
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in most cases you'd be better off if you can get them in the wall with a pull than a push (panda barrel or inhaler on boombot) because the push will trigger your bombs being pushed, a pull will not trigger this as it is considered a different type of action.
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I used a Panda/Eni/Iop/Enu, used the enu on 1 side of the map and the rest of my team on the other side to keep the mob busy, and killed the mob 1 by 1 then went for missiz, although since the bribe nerf unless you can get perfect initiative synergy with your strategy (due to bribe+wrath+sof etc) you could use any class with decent mp reduction to keep the mob isolated.

As for your eni to be more of use, try a nomarow set and a fire mage eternal wand, use a major survivor and an emerald dofus, 300 base int and rest vit to make up for the low vitality and your eni will still have decent heals and do a ton of damage.
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the rest is history ;p

the rest is history ;p
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I usually complain about people necroing very old posts but this time I'll thank you for showing this post up, I found it funny how a person who has been struggling with F3 is now a top tier PvMer xD
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