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Class synergies and combos

By pirotekno - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 29, 2015, 23:46:55

So I'm working on a comprehensive guide for classes that go well together, because frankly, i'm mildly sick of every few minutes getting asked what goes with what. so I'm reaching out to the community for some ideas.

For example. Osa + Enu gives you Living Bag with Toad and Natural Defense making a hard to break barrier.
Iop + Cra gives you the most out of Powerful Shooting's incredible %dmg buff to spells
Panda + Rogue for simple throwing onto bomb walls and help setting the bombs up
Sram + Iop to land wrath more reliably in pvp
Fogger + Eca's Aon + Portal hit (owie)
Feca + Sram for heavy duty MP lockdown and no getting on glyph.
Sram + Rogue to make a trap chain that leads to a group of bombs that ultimately blows up upon arrival due to a trap killing a powdered one.

that's just the beginning, but i'd like to see what other stuff can be come up with. note panda + iop isn't in here for vuln + wrath, as vuln is just all around useful no matter what, whereas cra's powerful shooting sees the most from wrath. Also, don't limit to just 2 classes, 3 or 4 class combos can exist.

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Eni-Osa-Sac Combo, although been nerfed recently can still prove to be strong in pvm and to an extent in pvp.

Any Healing Class- Sac , Sac is meatshield whilst being healed

Masq-Any Healing class Masque shields etc whilst not being killed

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I think you do have to be careful with Meatshield and healer, especially with the Sac as Erosion can hit them pretty hard, to a point where their base Hp is laughable in come fights.

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