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2 Man Team HELP - 2 year break comeback

By trevix#9793 - SUBSCRIBER - November 12, 2015, 20:24:36
I am currently maining level 188 intelligence cra and I will go omni at end game! I'm looking for a good 2nd for a 2 Man team. I am mainly doing PVM but I would like to do a little bit of Kolo. I know alot of PVM classes aren't the best for PVP so I'll ask my question like this.

Please Name 3 characters that are best for PVM as a 2nd for a 2 man team. Feel free to leave a good PVP character for a 2nd too!

Please don't just say the class name please also say if I should play the character either int/strength/cha/agi (etc)

Thank you!
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Personally what I did when I played Cra, given it was str not int, was that I made a tank class which was the Sac (cha) so it could stay and tank while my Cra got rid of all the adds from afar, another option I suppose would be perhaps an Eni? Int of course because of the healing but imo the best duo with Cra is cha Sac. Panda could also be good, str or cha depending on what you want.

I took quite a big break however so I might not be the best help out there xD
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