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Any Advice on to which char i should add to my team?

By Countrygirl3#1470 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 26, 2016, 04:02:33
So basically i have a team of 5 at the moment making a 6th char but i don't know what to make. At the moment have Enu Sac Eni Sadi Cra. If anyone has any ideas on what would be good with those classes that would be awesome~ I mainly do PvM so yeah tongue

And thanks for the help!
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Enu sac eni sadi cra hmmm...
well a good player would be an osa
Could buff the sadi\enu summon so they tank more
Can revive if you had some massive fail
Dmg buffs for cra and sac
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I'd say what you're lacking is a big powerhouse, like Iop, Sram, Eca. Eventually you might want a Panda in your team too (either additional or replacement) for the map manipulation.
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I was thinking a Rogue or Eca My friend has a Iop already ( only level 145 though and wisdom). I know Eca and Rogues or sram are pretty good. But i mean out of those 3 which one would be best for my team >_< lol
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I would have to say sram their map manipulation is the highest along with the usability of invisible along with invisibility of others
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