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4th character

By Alyss-Sin - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 26, 2016, 15:13:15

Amreatta and I have been toying with the idea of playing a bit again.

Currently we have the following classes
200 Strength Iop
199 Intelligence Eniripsa
199 Chance Pandawa
199 Agility Rogue

I'm not really keen on trying to manage the difficult rogue class while playing a second account so we need to swap it to something else. Right off the bat I'm also not interested in Eliotropes. Looking for a 4th class suggestion to replace the rogue in our little group. We'll be interested in Frig 3 and completing dungeons.

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I think agi sram will be one of best choice you can do wink so i vote for sram

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Since you'll be needing a agility character replacment I would suggest one of the following:

Top Choices

  1. Masq - Excellent lock and damage as agility, along with huge shields to take the burden off the eni. NOTE: Some Frig mobs cause gravity which cripples their use of Capering.
  2. Sram - Excellent in F3 dungeons, double is a top tier tool in locking high priority targets and just packs a great amount of utility and map manipulation w/ good damage.
  3. Feca - Awesome team protection, not as good as masq, basically will have the the same as mask's job of locking and tanking but generally not as effective, however, glyphs CC can be a godsend in some situations.
OK choices
  1. Cra - Agility isn't as popular of choice as it used to be, though it still has good damage, and won't need as many heals. Will again make the eni's job easier and allow them to be more involved in damage.
  2. Xelor - Awesome map manipulation, and good damage. Not a popular Xelor pick, but still has potential, needs a good weapon.
  3. Eca - Erosion and damage w/ possible AP reap when enemies heal. Great versatility, again not a popular build.
The Rest
  1. Sacrier - My persoanl favorite, wait till the revamp and maybe we'll have something to talk about. Want's the Masq's job but offers no useful damage mitigation like they can do besides evasion, which isn't saying much.
  2. Osa - Revamp possibilities! But seriously don't
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Does gravity render Capering completely unusable?

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Yes, gravity prevents you from using capering.

I too recommend an agility Sram, however Masqueraiders are also a good choice as shields really do help with endgame content. However, you are lacking a good disabler and so perhaps if you made your Iop strength/agility to cover agility and then got either an Enutrof (preferably chance), a Sadida or a Feca (preferably intelligence mixed with something like chance), this would help you out a lot in my opinion.

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I would love to have a Sadida/Enutrof but sadly I doubt I could convince her to play Str/Agi she's a kama hoarder.

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