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4 man team

By bladesxhelper#3258 - SUBSCRIBER - May 22, 2016, 14:35:54
So i currently have a 200 Feca and 199 Masq. I wish to change the Masq to a Eni, then add 2 more classes for a self sufficient 4 man team capable of doing most, if not all game content.

Leaning towards two of the following, Hupper, Enu, Iop or Panda.

Thanks in advance
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Not really understanding why you would change masq to eni, if you're making two more.

masq/feca is a dope combo, make 2 new chars eni and iop
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You need an Iop, so that will be your 4th, and you'll need the support of an eni, if you want a hupper/panda or enu I'd class change feca for it or if you like feca too much then the masq
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I'd say feca + eni + iop + eca
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Well, since you have the same main class as me (Feca) I'll just use my 4-man team as an example. I run Feca/ Iop/ Eni/ Panda.

This is just the basic 4-man team: Iop/Eni/Panda/Filler with Feca being the filler.

  • Panda is pretty much required for just about any content, and while it is possible to get by without a panda, it's much more difficult. The class just offers too much utility to pass up.
  • Iop is also a staple in most teams. For good reason, their damage and burst potential are unparalleled. Many endgame strategies revolve around setting up a turn 4 burst on the boss, with the Iop and his Wrath being the centerpiece of the strategy.
  • Eni, realistically speaking, isn't as needed as the two mentioned before. You can live without one, and finish most content without one. However, you will find yourself redoing fights due to random deaths (from unexpected bursts/target selection) that could have been prevented with a dedicated healer.
  • Feca is really not meant for PvM. They can do their job, and they're certainly not bottom tier, but there are so many things you can do better with another class. Shields are not enough for most content beyond Kolosso.

One thing I have personally been looking into is replacing my Feca. As much as I love the class, I've found a new love in Huppermage.

Huppermages are incredibly versatile while providing damage on-par with classes like Eca or Cra. Furthermore, Huppermages synergize well with the play-style which Panda and Iop want to follow: bursting single targets. Huppermages have the ability to reposition targets into optimal locations and vuln them similar to a Panda.
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