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starting from scratch, going to rushu

By Red-Dawn-Member - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 24, 2016, 22:45:46

Hey everyone, I'm looking for a good class to start with on a new server. I have the ability to multi - account but I'd like to start small as a solo account , then in time maybe start multi ( though I always hate multi-accounting but it's the best way to level since it can sometimes be hard to find a group..) but im comming from rosal, and would like to start a new in rushu.

So question is; what is a good solo class that also fits in with a group? Here are some thing to help narrow the search smile.

1: I enjoy an aggressive / supportive play style.

2: AoE is awesome, and I would say that it is mandatory for me ( I like to fight large mobs, not just single target most of the time)

3: I enjoy pvm, but love pvp - I prefer pvp, and that's my endgame goal. But I also love the pvm aspect of a tactic game.

4: good at farming mobs for professions. ( think it goes with AoE )

Classes I was thinking of:

Enu - strength/int ( maybe chance but I'm not sold on the spells of chance)
Masq- aggressive support with good mobility /lock and tanking ability. Though missing on AoE :/
Sadida- they are AoE kings.
Osa -with the sneak peek of the revamp they look amazing ( love the update)
Iop- shear damage ( but I just don't like the playstyle.. but I also know they are mandatory for pvm endgame)

Thanks to everyone who will help in my journey smile. Anyone from rushu willing to show me the ropes there and set me on the right path would be awesome. Always looking for new friends , and new wisdom ( if you offer mentoring on a challenging to play class such as elio, xelor, etc I'd surly appriciate that too smile ) thanks in advace!

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First thing that came to mind was a feca, to be honest. They can play both agressive and defensive/supportive, they're kings of AoE with all their glyphs, they're amazing in both PvM and PvP, they can farm resources quickly due to their AoE. Only downside I can see is that the stronger glyphs come later on in the levels, but otherwise this seems like your choice.

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Feca would be a good choice in your case: Aggressive or defensive playstyle, great AOE, viable in pvm and pvp.

Sadi will work as well: mixture of dmg (nice aoe) and support, very nice in pvp (the longer the match, the stronger you get), also some usefull aspects for pvm (aoe dmg, bp reduction, ap reduction, some heals, unbewitchment, etc.)

I´d wait with an Osa for the revamp - first impression of new Osa is awesome tho.

Enu offers decent aoe and very much versatility for both pvp and pvm, depends on your playstyle.

Huppermage could be another possibility: Nice dmg (aoe too), useful in pvp and pvm, some supportive abilities when combining elements such as ap/bp/range reduction and improved dmg.

So it highly depends on your playstyle and personal preference but both Feca and Sadi fit very well taking your requirements into account.

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Hello, You mentioned AoE. But to be honest, the best class you can use for hunting frigost is Cha/Agi Sac. You will be able to EXP in frigost castle (Mice/Cats) during your low levels. I started with a Cra, and I regret it. It took me so much time leveling my team, would of gone for Cha/Agi Sac. Welcome to Rushu, If you need any help you can always feel free to contact me in Game (Predict)

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Hey thanks for the ideas guys I really do appriciate it! I'm working on a sadida ( strength ) right now, are your sure agi/cha sacrier is a good choice for frig? They fall off pretty hard I believe later on as you get deeper into the island right? On my main character I'm only at at the snow foxes , so I really have no say on it , just rumors.

But you bet I will contact you next time I'm on predict smile 

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Cha Sac is without any question one of the best classes for solo pvm/farming and so is huppermage.
If that´s what you want prior, just go for it.

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Hey there ! I just restarted my main ( on rushu too ) so feel free to pm me anytime ingame at Excynic.

First things first. Delete that mental image thats telling you iops are mandatory for endgame pve. 100% false. Sure they make life alot easier, but are in no way shape or form mandatory.

I see people suggesting sacs. If you have any intention of going to endgame stuff you might want to consider against using that class. It dominates early on, but falls off rather quickly.

I recommend feca or sadi aswell like some other people said, and out of those 2 sadi the most ( though im a little biased being one aswell ). If you would like to see a max sadi perform just add me ingame and ill take you through some dungeons to show how it plays.

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