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Solo team

By ThePsychoLT2 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 19, 2016, 21:05:53

Solo means :
1.No markets
2.No crafters
3.No leeching
4.Exping only with my 4 guys help from other players

So now i need best classes and combo for Int,agi,cha,str 4 guys team .
Builds can be hybrid but i want have all 4 of them in my team

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There are a few options forming nice 4 man teams.

For example a team focusing on map manipulation and delaing dmg with the bombs of a rogue.
Int rogue (heal weapon), cha panda, agi/str sram and multi fog.

There are different options for building a basic team with all abilities needed.
Str iop, cha panda, int eni, agi elio.

Another option could be:
Str iop, vit/agi masq, omni feca, cha/int panda.

Or you can go for a team focusing on ranged dmg and keeping enemies away from you.
Multi sadi, cha enu, int cra (add other elements later on, even omni is viable), agi elio.

Nearly all teams containing one class for each role are decent.
Raw dmg: Iop, eca, rogue, cra, hupper.
Heal/protection: Eni, masq, feca.
Map manipulation: Panda (superior), xelor, (sram)
Support (not neccessarily needed): Enu, sadi, fog, osa after revamp

Make sure you balance dmg, survivability and versatility (especially map manipualtion) and use synergies e.g. focus on close combat or range or by combining abilities such as shields of masq and feca.

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