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What do you think the best AoE class is?

By Kaishumo-Sael- January 15, 2017, 10:32:32

Hey! I am trying to get my friend back into Dofus and he really loves playing AoE type characters in games. Right now he is using an int cra and is afraid explosive arrow won't be all that great for AoE when he gets it unlocked. I was curious to what the community thinks the best AoE class is in the game. He mainly loves to kill huges groups of monsters lower than him to quickly gather resources so that is his main focus when it comes to an AoE class. It is also worth noting he tried water Eca but found that he was doing more damage to himself rather than the enemies. Was he playing wrong? Should he give it another shot? I really appreciate any suggestions given. Thanks guys!

TL;DR : What is the best AoE class/element to farm resources?

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cras or iop, cra has more versitility via more range and none linear spells, explosive is still really strong and easy to get 99% crit on, bats aye and slow down are nice as well, at end game isnt isnt hard to hit 1k + on explosive arrow, theres nothing wrong with it

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feca, Sadida?

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Id say omni-Feca is the best. His AoE is easy to land, hit for a lot and has some bonus effects as well.
Sadi would be number two, because he needs to setup it and although keep the madoll alive, but after he manages to do it - he can hit everyone no matter how far are they. And Manifold is always stable and straightforward AoE if he failed in setupping.
Huppermages are dealing cool AoE too, but the downside is that they kind of lack in keeping mobs away (like Feca) or range (like Sadi) so they might die soon without someone protecting them.
Cras and Iops are cool too, but they cant surprise you with anything. Their spells always hit and always have same damage, there is nothing special.

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Str/Int or damage Sadida with Class boots/Ring.

This will allow you to cast manifold's massive AoE twice per turn and another AoE spell wild grass without the straight line restriction.
Not to mention. If you can get 11AP on this(shouldn't be too hard). You can summon trees while manifolding and wild grassing your victims, when they get close clean up with earthquake. It will cause AoE damage around every tree. So If you plant them strategically you can damage a full mob 4 rather hard.

Click here

This set should allow you to do over 1k AoE damage/Turn, and summon 1 tree, after 3 trees AoE reaches the mob use EQ instead of manifold since you will do 400+ Damage/Tree in AoE so with 3 trees in reach 1200 Damage in AoE

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I wanna point out that if he wants to kill a lot of low hp monster for resources earth enu is really good for that with their aoe spell and you get the bonus from the chest for more drops also. Might be something to look into

also wanted to point out if he goes into clover mode on eca he won't take any damage from the spell at all

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