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Low level kolo and my thoughts on it.

By Bellatriximus#1020 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 22, 2018, 01:45:58
Hi, I only really play PvP because I prefer to, however the 3v3 kolo fights have been getting a bit lame as of recent.
Games feel rushed more often than not, people are doing loads of damage early on in the fights where people will die quite easily in the first round or two.
This is not fun.  No one likes to die that soon after queueing for a very long time.
Some might question the choice of a character's equipment, particularly how badly geared the ones that die too soon.  However, the ability to move players around is largely to blame.  Low level kolo is a large factor in this, and there has been some changes made such as dofuses receiving a level requirement.  However, scaling of the classes are still pretty bad, and that's coming from someone who plays Osamodas at low level.  Sacrier damage for example, can do up to 400 in aoe with one Douleur motivante (not sure what the English name is for this spell, it's a fire spell) on turn 3. He can do this twice.  The penalty is rather low and seems non-existant, particularly if you keep in mind most of the people I'm playing with are random players with 400-1100 hitpoints.  On the flip side, if you were versing a masqueraider, foggernaut, enutrof, their damage would be next to none.  Yes I do believe a sac's damage should be higher than a masqueraider or enutrof, but doesn't Sacrier have a choice between damage dealing and tanking?  Why should it do more damage than a foggernaut who also has choices, those being damage dealing, healing and placement?  
This brings me onto late game damage dealers such as rogues, osamodas and sadida who need their game placed on the field to be of value.  Sadida's trees have too high hitpoints (500 with 20% resistance) osamodas who's damage is okay but needs a nerf in Plumeau (the spell dependant on how many tofus are on the field for its damage) or rogues who's bombs would be oneshotted by any high damage dealer.  With the high damage dealers having such good mobility, it's difficult for rogues to place their game down before they die in level 20-100 kolo.

Long story short
*Why do high damage dealers have such good mobility
*Why are the least played classes not being made more appealing
*Why are trees so hard to kill
*Is some high damage dealer's damage just too high?
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Tbh honest what you are experiencing is either what i like to call the osa phenomenon (im sure you know what i mean)
or just high lvl chars buying or crafting ridiculoursly overmaged gear for their low lvl ones either way short of nerfing maybe osa and cra i cant really see what ankama can do about this, sacs on the other hand shine only in this sphere of the game right now so its kinda unfair to take this away from them lol.
the rest of the classes u mentioned can all be countered if you are more experienced smile
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