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How to Build and Omni character?

By Benja-might#5358 - SUBSCRIBER - July 18, 2018, 15:14:13

I have a Panda I was thinking of trying to go Omni with for PvM, but I'm not exactly sure how you build an Omni character?  Where do you focus your character points?  And do you strive for strictly % damage or +damage?

Thanks for the help

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First of all, make sure your set is omni focused. You have to maximize the status gain on each part of equipment, and by that I mean that even if that Str/Agi Weapon suits your taste, you should always go for something that gives you Str/Agi/Int/Cha.
Being omni means to sacrifice damage for versatility. On PvP the sacrifice is bigger because everyone has high resistances on all elements, but on PvE you can play around that by using the Enemy's negative resistances, so you don't lose that much damage.
About how to focus your points, well, some might say 100-150 points on each Element and the rest on Vit, but I don't agree with that.
If your Water element spells have the highest base damage, you should invest more points in chance because the spells are going to make the best use out of it. So it is OK to have more points on Cha.
Or if your Fire spells have very low base damage, low cost and are mainly used for poke, investing points on Int won't change the damage as much as it would on other elements, so you should invest fewer points on it.

You get what I mean? There's no rule and to get the best out of your points, you really should do the math on how much the points increase your spell's damage.

About the +damage, with a proper omni set, all your elements will have around the same amount of it.
The Ice Dofus, Dolmanax and Crimson should always be part of the set, since all your elements will benefit from their effects.

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You can checkout my set ,I am str/int/chance only small agi 
but super nices  for pvm

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Thanks so much InkSix, that is extremely helpful.  A couple follow-up questions if you don't mind?

1) If I find a piece of armor that has +elements for 3 of the 4 and a piece that has +% damage... is it smarter to go the % route since it will help all 4 elements, or is it better to have actual elemental stats instead?

2) My thoughts with this Panda is to duo with my Int Rogue... is an Omni Panda a smart move, or am I better off going with a hybrid 2-element build for better damage output?

Thanks again.

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1) If you intend to use all the 4 elements of your character, picking that 3/4 element equipment will hurt your build. 4/4 elements equipments tend to have more value on it. For example, while a Full Str equipment can give you 80 worth of stats, a 4/4 element equipment will give you 160 worth of stats (considering it's 40 Str/Agi/Int/Cha). And as an omni character, you should always go for the value route. A % Damage (Power) equipment is always useful when you cannot find a piece of equipment that suits your set, but it's not the ideal because these equipments tend to have lower value, such as lower +damage or even a status malus (like the Treadfast's Critical Resistances malus). And not only that, a % equipment won't grant you the Initiative/Pods/Heal/Lock/Dodge/PP.
So, pick 4/4 equipment when you can, pick a % damage (Power) equipment when you cannot pick a 4/4 and leave the 3/4 equipments for 3/4 builds, you don't want those (Unless it's a very powerful weapon like the Atcham Saber, which say may argue that it is worth taking).

2) There's not much a difference between the damage output of a 2 elements char and a 4 elements one on PvE. As I said before, on PvE you can use monster's element weakness on your favor.
It is necessary to have a justification to pick a 2 elements build on PvE. The spells need somehow to have synergy among themselves in a way that increases their damage output.
A Str/Int Hupper can combine these elements to generate a 20% extra damage effect, for example, while a Cha/Str Fogger can have extra Earth damage while doing pushbacks with Water spells.
If you find a synergy between 2 elements on your Panda, you can go for it, but if not, stick with the omni one.
Also, you can also try a tank build for your Panda, which is what most people do.
Having a Rogue as a main source of damage and a Panda as enabler maker it very easy (and fun) to duo bosses. The downside of it is that on slower paced fights you will lack the direct damage to finish off high threats.

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Thank you for such detailed answers, this was extremely helpful! I'm excited about trying an Omni build... I've played for many years, and this will be my first time trying it out.

Thanks again.

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Hi there,
I think you got a pretty complete answer already, I just wanted to add a few things that I didn't see. InkSix told you about the %Power and the +Damage a little bit, if you have any question about that, I suggest you take a look at this topic since %Power and +damage do play a huge role when it comes to damage output based on the spells you want to use (plus it uses a Panda as an example). To summarize a bit though, every 100 points in an element will double every damage done by a spell of the same element and %Power is the same, only on all four elements. 100% Power will then double the damages from every elemental spells. On the other side, +damage will add straight damage points to the spells. The lower the base damage of a spell is, the better +damage will be. The countrary applies to the higher base damage and %Power.

Also, when it comes to the points to invest into specific stats, you can also take a look at the weapon you want to use. Some weapons require a set amount in certain elements and if you go for %Power sets, you will need to adjust in consequences. You also need to take into account the fact that %Power doesn't give Initiative nor any of the side effect of the stats like Heals, Pods, Prospection and Lock/Dodge from Int, Str, Cha and Agi respectively.
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Thank you Awake, that was very helpful.  My Panda is 130ish now and a blast! My first time building an Omni character, and it's fun playing with the variety. Thanks again for the extra feedback.

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