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Need help picking a class

By -Orio- - SUBSCRIBER - August 14, 2018, 22:57:03

Hiya, So i'm currently playing rogue and gearing my iop, 
I'm a agi rogue and i'm starting to get upset or bored or fed up with rogue playstyle.
Yeah they're good in 1v1's but i want to play something that can kinda fill all roles. of 1v1 3v3 5v5 and pve.
I've played rogue xelor fogger hupper cra panda eni sram and iop, and i'm just trying to figure out what class i could switch to and would enjoy playing.
I have to say xelor has been my faveorite class for everything they can do. 
but I want to do damage and be helpful throughout the whole fight. 
I don't want to play a cra or enu.
I'm having a tough time deciding what i want to main, and gear towards. Any idea's/help?
I have a full agi set i could probably swap up to get a set for a different class.
thanks for help~ I was thinking maybe sac/feca, but neither of those really come up on the hurt/do damage classes.

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In my opinion, Xelor's are not played enough in pvm. I think this is cause, mainly, because the stigma behind Xelor's are that they are too hard to play. I disagree with this. Especially in your case, having Agi gear and loving Xelor is a perfect fit. Not only do you get the amazing map manipulation, but are also able to freely move around most enemies. Having this ability would definitely make Xelor easier to use in a team. Not to mention it has skills such as Reflect that could be great in boss rooms in my opinion. If you are up to the challenge, playing as Xelor would be extremely satisfying. 

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Could try an Elio tongue

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when it comes to kolo it depends on your play-style if you want to play a support, damage dealer, or tank, elios are fun class to play and you can play support and damage, Ougi are also loads of fun and they are tanks and damage dealer and they are eaisly one of the best pvp characters in the game because of their hyper utility, xel are very difficult but unique. its all up to your play-style

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