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Class balancing

By brodzlaw - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 31, 2018, 17:17:17

Coming back after 2 yrs and its obvious to see there is major faults in class balancing. Ecaflips are gods who can do just about everything to no fault whatsoever. On the other hand Rogues are just... lol. 

Just a quick look at how many legend/diamond each class has is clear if you play certain classes, this game will reward you for it. Why pick an enu when cras exist, only reason someone would is because they like the class win or lose, but there's only so much losing someone's willing to take before they stop using that class. Must be why there are so many ecas/cras/iops/srams and no ougis/fogs/enus/pandas/huppermages. 

There are a small few interesting builds and playstyles, but because some builds are clearly thousands of times better than others, (mono str or mono cha eca or mono str sram for example) there is no variety in the gameplay, unless you don't mind losing over and over.

All these variants and it still feels like you fight the same thing over and over. 

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Damage classes are easier to use and master compared to tactical classes.

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Or may be some classes provide overwhelming damage with smash-all-buttons-gameplay at the time others forced follow dumb fragile patterns for medicore result

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