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Thinking of returning, advice needed

By TheHeriocAltSlayer - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 30, 2018, 09:09:54

So i quit a few months ago and im thinking about returning and just doing some casual stuff ( helping people, achievs, etc..). Im lvl 200 and currently an osa which im pretty bored of playing. Its currently naked with around 280m just sitting there so im kinda looking to change into something else, preferably something you dont tend to see too often ( so no cra or iop xD).

I tried a few tank builds before but whilr near unkillable they tend not to have the damage i like so im mainly looking for fun quirky damage builds you dont see often. I was thinking a chance xelor at first but if people here can give me some ideas id highly appreciate it! 

Strictly pve, doesnt have to be able to do high endgame stuff, just the more casual things like f2 for example. 

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If i understand it right, you want a class that has high damage, but still somewhat tanky. I'd say go for an Ecaflip, since you have 280m gearing up some beast isn't hard for you. Has a shit ton of dmg, his own heals and ofcourse some shields.

Goodluck :-)

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If you search for the statofus website you'll find that Eca is the 4th most popular class. So while it is very strong and versatile, if you want something not as played i'd suggest masq or ouginak. They're both rather tanky and still do great damage. 

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I like classes where you have to think what you are doing and not just go ham.
Eliotrope - Play around your portals
Rogue - Play around your bombs
Xelor - Play around your telefrag

Or even classes like Sadida, Sram, Hupper or Osa where you have your trees, traps, elements or summons.

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For frigost 2 you can play anything, seriously. Since you have a budget of 280m it opens a lot of possibilities for a very high end set, that will probably allow you to do amazing things. If you'd like to for example solo dungeons then you could stay as Osa (but you are bored so i think that's a no) or you could try Eliotrope/Sram, maybe Sadi or Xelor.

Sram is very viable for soloing everything while requiring a bit of planning to make trap chains capable of 1 shotting a boss, which is not that hard - it just takes some time to learn it. Can also solo all of Frigost 3 dungeons, especially with a sidekick, however it is not that easy.

I've seen a video of a lvl ~60 Elio soloing Count Harebourg so there is that. A class that is fun to play and with recent variant additions it can serve as a buff bot (which is the way i currently use it for my party) and can pack a serious punch alongside that!

Sadi has a great potential, especially if you can manage to stack trees for Force of Nature nuke (with all mobs infested = 1 turn kill) or other fantastic cataclysm level combos you can pull off.

Xelor is very mobile, can remove ap and keep his ap high, also deals tons of damage with a setup that requires planning and is ever changing. Imho hardest class out of the few.

Huppermage is also fine, but i feel like it isn't as great of a solo class as the others i've mentioned here. Still if you are able to combo properly you can deal absurd amounts of damage and even increase your allies damage by applying a +final dmg% taken debuff.

Ecaflip is very versatile and i love this class, but since you wanted something niche i don't think this actually fits your needs as it is a very popular class.

But then again, anything works in Frigost 2, ranged classes will probably have it easier in most cases, but melee ones are still viable. Rogue is cool because it facilitates any dimensional dungeon with the bomb chains capable of one shotting pretty much any mob in the late game. Pandawa isn't exactly a damage dealer but still can hit quite hard while being an essential part of any pve team due to Karcham and Vulnerability not to mention Stain or other useful spells. I haven't played Ouginak but it seems like a hard hitter class too.

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Thanks for the very indepth answer ! I used to class change ALOT and played every class in every build possible so far ( yes even chance iops ) but some builds were just testing for a few hours so I'm not that experienced in some of the builds. Out of my testing Elio seemed the only class I can't for the life of me get the hang of. I get how the portals work but when you're using all 4 at once it just gets too hectic for me ( if they allowed removal of some portals so you could play with only 2 at a time I'd deffo main it ). 

Xelor was actually pretty easy to get the hang of so I guess it all depends on person to person, and it's currently the main choice I'm interested in ( tried a couple 12/6 cha sets on dofusplanner and the results were pretty satisfying ).

Out of your list I played Sram, Sadi and Eca very extensively aswell and while they're deffinately top notch, once you learn their mechanics properly ( traps chains, trees/infected, etc ... ) there's little room for improvement IMO and things get abit too easy, whereas with Xelor I feel like every fight there's atleast something I could've done better to nuke the mobs in a more efficient way or position them better for me and my team. 

So taking into consideration all the replies I've decided Xelor is going to be the class I'm going for, and chance as it's element ( I played Str and agi way too much on it after it got revamped, int doesn't interest me much and chance seems like it has the most potential for nuking capabilities with the +AP on even cloudy turns and utilizing the 5AP variant that goes down to 3AP on the odd cloudy turns).

Thanks for all the replies ! 

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i think good idea for u can be a sram.  not soo tanky but invis is best survi in game, also srams are abble to do few end-game duns solo!  also sram got nice dmg, doest matter if u go for direct dmg, trap or poison.
next pick can be a ougi, he got super nice dmg and is very tanky (specialy str) but here, in tank case u have to learn how to cotrol rage (ougi mechanick ) cos too hight rage can change u into full dmg best.
next we got masq, each buill is fine and can have super good dmg, alos is very tanky it selfs and get impackt on team survi.
at the end we got panda.  very tanky and can have nice dmg too but, also its super helpfull on dungs.

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everyone sleeping on fog tho tongue

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