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New class, when?

By dgjna#7023 - SUBSCRIBER - February 19, 2019, 14:27:52
I was wondering if Dofus is working on a new class. Its been over a year since we got the ouginak class. ( end of 2017? correct my if im wrong ) And I think its time for a new one.

I myself am on a break from dofus now but I would like to return when a new class comes to the game.


I am going to bump up this thread and see if any MOD might respond. Its been nearly 3 years since the last class has been released. I know Dofus is working on alot of things like they just released the pandala revamp but still it would be refreshing to play a new class. I think its time for something new.

So therefore I;d like to know from a mod if dofus is actually working on a new class or thinking about working on one.

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waiting patiently for this new class smile
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yea same. Its been over 3 years since the last class got released. Like I said in my previous post I know Ankama is working on alot of new content and revamps even on fixing buggs. But come on. 3 years without new class? At least let us know if Ankama is planning on making a new one and release us from this suffering of waiting without information.
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As far as I know, there was never anything said about new classes being released regularly. In over 15 Years we got only 7 new classes. 1 of them (Panda) being being added so early, that I wouldn't even call it a "new class". And 2 being released very close to each other (Rogue and Masq).

Couldn't find the exact release date of all the classes, but If I remember correct, there have been times where we had to wait much longer than 3 years for a new class.

There was even a time, when we thought we would never get a new class and had to stick with what we got forever.

The "Will we get a new class"-Question was asked a lot in the past. And we never got an answer. We can just sit here and be surprised if they announce a new class.
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Yea I think after the Eliotrope release it took some time before Ougi and Hupper got released.
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They generally won't say anything at all unless they have a concept that's almost done and due to hit the beta in a few months time, then they drop the news with a bang. Actually I think they were actively denying that they'd ever release new classes before Hupper and also before Ougi, while they were secretly developing them the whole time.
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The faster they release new religion (new class), the faster that they can implement the multi-sect system (Multi-class system). I think they should upgrade the client first before expanding the game.
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