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4 member TEAM!!! (HELP)

By Expando - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 19, 2019, 21:19:47

 Hello guys.
 I need help choosing next two class for my team. I already have STR/CHAN Cra (later Omni) and AGI Sram (a little int). I really like this combo but i wanna make 4 member team. I wanna have "balanced" team so i am thninking about 1) Healer/Support and 2) Melee/Mid range Damager. I am not favorite of Eniripsa. So I am thniking about...

 1) Healer/Support - Ecaflip, Elio, Panda or Foqqernaut.

 2) Melee/Mid Damager - Iop (Str/Int), Ecaflip ( element? ), Roque ( element? ) or Masq ( element ? ).

 So can you say me your tips or advice with my choice. Some pros and cons. I'll be grateful for every opinion and sorry for my bad english biggrin

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