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Best Healer/Support with coming update?

By Guccido - SUBSCRIBER - June 27, 2019, 22:39:00

 Hi guys. What is your favorite support/healer? Perhaps the most common support class is Eniripsa. 
 But what do you think about Eca, Fogg, Sadi or Panda like support/healer? Can they fully replace Eniripsa? And will a new update bring some major changes to this role? 

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My favorite support/healer is Eni. 

As to your other question, yes, Eni is not really required. There was a Sram/Cra/Rogue team in my guild on Ily who trio'd pretty much the entire game with a Lumino. If Lumino can handle it, the classes you named can. 

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For me its Eni and Fogg.

I really like agi and/or cha Eni because I like the mechanic of healing based on the damage you do.
And Fogg is fun because once you have your turret on evo 3, you can heal a lot for just 3 AP.

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Few may know, but a support built Sadida has really good viability and versatility that goes beyond just healing. For healing: “soothing bramble” can easily do 600+ heals with a level 120 set, “sylvan power” is a great 2-ap aoe heal, “natural gift” heals in an aoe around the targeted tree and provides damage-sharing, “the inflatable doll” is a passive healer and can be coupled with adjacent trees for more healing, and “tree of life” allows allies to hit it and receive %50 dmg back (or %100 for life-steal spells) . Besides healing, int-Sadida has incredible mp-reduction; “soothing bramble” reduces massive mp from everything in the infected state, “wild grass” is an int-spell that reduces up to 3-mp, and “the ultra powerful” reduces up to 4-mp in an aoe which can be coupled with trees for more reduction. But beyond healing and mp-reduction, the Sadida is a summoner, so it’s constantly obstructing and distracting it’s opponents.
Overall, an int-Sadida is a balanced support class that brings a lot to each fight in an interesting manner.

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